How to withdraw money from a pin-up casino?

Financial bets are available in pin up. However, currently they can be done exclusively in the mobile or desktop applications of a gambling establishment.

Pin-up offers to make a bet on fluctuations in the value of currency pairs. The essence of this type of bet is as follows:

– the user selects a stock index;

– next, he indicates on the chart the fluctuations of his price mark;

– if the index reaches the mark within the specified time interval, the bet wins.

Each mark has its own coefficient. Quotes are distributed in the same way as in the case of sports. The lower the probability of reaching a particular price, the higher the multiplier. Conversely, the more likely the cost, the lower it is. Coefficients from 1.75 to 2.5 are set for prices with a high chance of falling out.

As for the indices, the following options are available:

– the most significant currency pairs (dollar-euro, yen-pound, and so on);

– random “Bears”;random “Bulls”.

By default, when a player enters the financial betting section, PIN UP offers him a random index, which is randomly selected from all available ones. Playing on it is like a lottery. The betterer does not know which quote is displayed on the chart and cannot predict its fluctuations. Therefore, before concluding a finpari, it is better to set the index at your discretion.


There are several types of sweepstakes available in pin up. This can be attributed to one of the advantages of the bookmaker, since he does not offer so many PIN UP now. In pin up bets are available on the following types of sweepstakes:

– Classic football toto of 15 matches. The user needs to choose one of three possible outcomes for each.

– Toto. A quiz with rules similar to a sweepstake. The selection includes 12 events. The one who correctly guesses the outcome of each will receive a cash prize from the bookmaker.

– Accurate score. As the name implies, the betterer needs to predict the exact score of the matches included in the selection.Cyber football. An analogue of football “tag”, but in virtual sports.

– Football. In fact, this edition duplicates the “tag”.

– Hockey. Hockey toto of 15 events.

– Basketball. Basketball sweepstakes, which consists of 15 matches.

Winnings are paid to the winners not by multiplying the bet by coefficients, but from the total prize pool. It is formed at the expense of the money of the losing betters. Thanks to this, lucky players can get a pretty good profit. The size of the prize pool is always different, as it depends on the number of participants in the draw.

The coefficients themselves are dynamic and depend on the situation in the match. If the favorite loses ground, the quotes for it grow. And vice versa, when there is no doubt about the victory of a team or a player, the multiplier falls heavily on him. All this makes the Live section on pin up unique in its own way, and betting during the match in the bookmaker’s office is as comfortable and safe as possible.

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