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The uniqueness of gemstones lies in their brilliant long-lasting beauty that is quite rare in nature. Their price depends on it. The unit of weight of gemstones is the carat, which is equal to one-fifth of a gram. Gemstones are widely used to make jewelry, they are collected or used as bank assets. They are also widely used in engineering.

Specialists divide gems of inorganic and organic origin. Inorganic stones are naturally occurring, strong minerals with a constant chemical structure. The majority of all gemstones are inorganic. Organic stones include amber, a fossilized resin; coral, created by tiny sea creatures; pearls, which consist of nacre, a rainbow-colored substance that forms the inner layer of the shells of many marine mollusks.

To bring out the stone’s best color features, it undergoes several stages of processing. A stone has to be given a specific shape as well as polished. Nature has given mankind the very idea of stone processing, which by means of wind, sand, and water can shape the stones into the right form and smooth their shining surfaces. In the beginning, stone cutting was a process of making the stone oval or irregularly shaped and polishing its surface. Symmetrical cutting is still practiced today, as it has been done since the Middle Ages. Its main purpose is to show the sparkle and color play in the stone in the best way possible by refracting multiple rays of light hitting the stone. This is why each stone has its own “winning” cut with certain proportions.

It was once observed that not only do the stones bring aesthetic pleasure, but they also influence their owners depending on their color. For example, blue and green gems are said to relax, red ones to give life energy, and yellow ones to lift one’s spirits. Transparent, clear-colored stones are said to have stronger properties, while stones with inclusions of extraneous particles carry a certain amount of negative energy. Skillfully chosen stones-talismans help their owners, giving them certain qualities, as well as amplifying the positive traits of the character. Stones-amulets protect the wearer from trouble, evil eye, curse, and disease. This effect is enhanced if the person himself believes in the unusual properties of the precious stone. You can learn more about gemology online in Yavorsky`s resource blog.

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